Denise Griggs Psychic Artist


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Statutory Instruments 2008 – Number 1277

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008


Unfortunately due to changes in legislation, we are obliged to make the following disclaimer:


Anything said during  any of our events and especially during the Mediumship demonstration is offered for “entertainment  purposes and as a form of scientific experiment” as such the results cannot be guaranteed .Any advice or opinion given by the medium (s) is open to interpretation and it is up to each individual how  they choose to interpret the information and if  they choose to act upon it.  individuals have free will and are responsible for the results of any actions they may  take should you be given a message.


During the course of  the event  you may witness things you have not previously experienced and anyone who is of a nervous condition or who is in any way vulnerable should not attend.  If this applies to you, please do not attend demonstrations. Anyone who attends does so of their own free will.  During any personal one to one reading you may be asked to sign an agreement stating you have read and understood this disclaimer.


For the purposes of good taste we will not accept bookings for Funerals no matter how good an idea it seems at the time!.  ( Exclusions apply to practising Spiritualists who supply full family written permission on interview and church/funeral  co-operation.) These Events and services, whilst not explicit or erotic in anyway are not suitable for children. Children who are not of a practising Spiritualist faith may struggle with the concepts and will not be allowed to view  performances. Special arrangements are made for speciality family occasions so that children will not encounter Spirit Entertainers at work. For these events, children are considered minors under the age of 16 yrs except on haunted investigations where the lowest age acceptable is 18yrs old.


Should you receive a psychic portrait, there may be some acceptable artistic variation in image as these are images created by the channeling of spirit energy with out any visual aids in  the presence of the artist. The artist has no authority over the spiritual connection and cannot decide the identity of the spirit image produced.