Denise Griggs Psychic Artist


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Denise is available for private Sittings from £25.00, party Readings, event entertainment, church services and media events.


I watched Denise Griggs in our church during a Divine Service on a Friday night.  Denise draws a person or relative of some you know.  It was lovely to see how she worked with spirit.  The message she gave to the person was very much understood by them.  She gave great evidence of the person she had with her.  Whilst  drawing, Denise kept talking to the congregation or the person taking the message.  The night was very enjoyable and everyone was pleased that they had come.  Due to that night the church have asked Denise to do her own Special night.  If you have not seen psychic art before I highly recommend that you go to see Denise's.    

P.s I really enjoyed watching you at the church and cannot wait when you will be back to do your own night. Love and light, Belinda x


Belinda Liverpool. 20-01-2012


Hi Denise,

Thank you for the psychic art demonstration on Saturday at the Hoylake Mind, Body and Spirit Fair.
It was truly brilliant proof of how Spirit is around us and your gift of mediumship.
Can't stop thinking about the wonderful demonstration you gave, should have been on T.V.!,



Jan Wirral. 24-06-2012